Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Big Rings: The Return (ep.1) #NBA2k16

 I come here today to announce my return to the NBA. When I won as a coach in 2012, I thought I was done. I walked away on top. Walked away like the man. I came in and made the Bucks what they are today. I thought I was done. I mean who needs more then one ring anyways?  
I have been thinking about this for a couple years and been turning down jobs as fast as they have come in. Going into this year, 2017. I am happy to come in as the Utah Jazz GM. 

As many of you know, the NBA is planning on doing it's first ever super draft. Giving all teams a restart and making all players available in the draft. This seem like a good time as any to step back into the big dance. 

The rumor was that I would just be bringing my brand, Sanquon in for the re-branding of the team. That is also true. We have brought the naming right to the arena and the naming rights of the team. New name and new start. Greatest in what we want. 

The Utah Jazz are Now the Salt Lake Hype Killers and the arena will now be known as The Sanquon Garden.    


Old man basketball is what I used to gameplan around. Get me a big as the star. I went kinda different this time. 

Key Players 
With the 5th pick in the first round, I picked up the long arm shooter that can him from 40th. KD. 

With my next pick I went with the bulldog at the point. The silent killer. The Rose.

Micheal Carter Williams: We got MCM in a trade with the Bulls. It was pretty tough to let go of Jonas Jerebko along with a first round pick. I didn't really care about the pick. If the season goes as I want it. We will be picking at the back of the draft anyways.

Jonas Valanciunas: The future of the team. We need for him to grow.

Soak it all in. We will be playing Basketball soon. The season starts next. (Posting new episode at 5pm)


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