Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fallout 4's Nuka-Cola Quantum Coming To Target

Fallout fans will soon be able to irradiate their taste buds with real-life Nuka-Cola Quantum — bottles of the carbonated soft drink will be available to purchase exclusively at Target this fall, according to the series' official Twitter account.

Bethesda Softworks, publisher of the Fallout series, has partnered with boutique soda manufacturer Jones Soda to make this happen. As seen in a photo posted to the Fallout Twitter account (full image below), the beverage comes in the same blue color as the in-game Nuka-Cola Quantum, which debuted in 2008's Fallout 3.

The drink isn't a unique variety produced specially for this promotion; taking a closer look at the full-resolution photo, you see that it appears to be a repackaged version of Jones Soda's existing berry lemonade flavor.

Jones Soda's Nuka-Cola Quantum will be available at Target stores starting Nov. 10, the same day Fallout 4 launches. This isn't the only Fallout-based beverage in the works — Carlsberg is producing Fallout Beer, which will be available exclusively in the U.K. on Nov. 5.

Via.  Polygon

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