Monday, October 12, 2015

Time To Upgrade The Bedroom

I noticed something about us people that design things. Us people that create things for a living. We really don't care about the things around our house. I mean, the house is the most plain thing about us. We never really take the time to make it look nice. We keep it clean and might buy something from time to time. Just never shows it the love that it truly needs. I have some of my art that has yet to be framed. I have had it for about a year now. 

I think it's about time that we do better for the home. I know that we're busy creating but I'm about to slow down just a little. I'm starting with the bedroom. 

I was searching around the inter-web for some good deals. Not only did I find what I was looking for, I found some great furniture selection at Home and Patio Décor Center.

Alexandria 60"
I will need about 20 of these for me to fit all the books I have, None the less, I'm loving this. Can have about four around the bedroom and get something else to put all my books in. Maybe have a mini library in the house. That would be amazing. I love the movies where somebody has that in their house. 

Antique Rose
Am I cool enough for the rose gold bed? I think I just might be. This is such a popping color that will keep me smiling as I fall into the bed to kiss the sky goodnight. 

 Eraman Antique Rustic Gold
 How about gold to match the other gold. I won't put flowers on top. Not really into that. Not really my style. 

Pardon me while I look around the rest of the site. Leave a comment about what you see that you love. Maybe somebody will buy it for you :)  

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