Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Big Rings: Live From The Baseline (ep.2) #2K16

Live From The Baseline (E.2)
Last Week episode: The Return ( E.1)

I'm happy with the start the team is off to. The team seem to be jellying pretty fast and I'm happy for that. I thought it would take most of the season for them to get a feel for one another. They seem to not need the year at all. Everybody is playing their part and have no problem with it.  The clicking is there. 

Take the game we played against the Nuggets. I had the film department put together a video above. I don't want to say the team was being cocky but they played when they wanted to. It's kinda like playing against your younger family members. You know you can beat them. So you let the game hang around as you try new things. Let's just hope that they don't play around in the future.    

Doing this game, Durant got hurt on a tricky tick play. It was nobody fault. Just a player being in the wrong place and the wrong time. He has said that he will play through it. We all know that a 50% Durant is better than most.  I told Pete Bell to get his eyes on Durant during the week. 

See you guys in the next report. 


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