Friday, October 2, 2015

The Greatest Movies For Netflix And Chill

By now you might have heard the term "Netflix and Chill". It's something that was started earlier this year. If you like some of my friends on Facebook, you might not know the meaning though. Netflix and Chill is when your boyfriend/girlfriend asks you to come over to their place and have sex while  Netflix is playing in  the background. Depending how deep you get into it, it ends up being Netflix asking "Are you still watching?". . This is some what similar to a Booty Call but misleading to the people that don't know the meaning. 

My friend and I was talking about this the other day. How Netflix should have a playlist of one star movies titled "Netflix and Chill". They kinda already played to the fact. I think that is what they doing. It looks cool but what the fuck. 

Anyways I went ahead and took one for the team. I looked up shitty movies and I mean extra shitty movies for you and your boo thang to "watch". Cause you can't get the party started if both y'all are glued to the TV watching  House of Cards

Four isolated astronauts in the lunar mining base Ark suffer a meteor storm. While inspecting the damage caused by the meteors, astronaut Ava Cameron discovers spores contained in one of the fragments and brings them back to the base for investigation. The medical officer discovers that these spores can grow rapidly, and in the process Ava is contaminated with them. Shortly afterward, Ava shows evident signs of a rapidly progressing pregnancy and, a few hours later, she goes into labor. The life form escapes the lab, and none of the others believe Ava's stories; they instead attribute her pregnancy to a cyst. The alien stalks crew member Johns, eventually taking his shape and killing him. Using notes posthumously left by Johns, Ava and Col. Brauchman attempt to kill the alien before it can kill them. Eventually, Ava and Brauchman prepare to abandon the base in an escape pod, but it is hijacked by the alien. Ava and Brauchman, having expended most of the base's remaining power to ready the escape pod, are resigned to their fates until a rescue ship arrives from Earth. Brauchman sends a message to Earth from the rescue ship, warning them to kill whatever they discover in the escape pod, but it's revealed that the alien has escaped.

Can't Stop The Music
Songwriter Jack Morell (Steve Guttenberg)-a reference to Village People creator Jacques Morali-gets a break DJing at local disco Saddle Tramps. His roommate Sam Simpson (Valerie Perrine), a supermodel newly retired at the peak of her success, sees the response to a song he wrote for her ("Samantha") and agrees to use her connections to get him a record deal. Her connection, ex-boyfriend Steve Waits (Paul Sand), president of Marrakech Records (a reference to Village People record label Casablanca Records), is more interested in getting back with her than in Jack's music (and more interested in taking business calls than in wooing Samantha), but agrees to listen to a demo.

Killer Mermaid
 Two beautiful young women go on an exotic Mediterranean vacation and uncover the watery lair of a killer mermaid hidden beneath an abandoned military fortress. What was once a carefree adventure becomes a grueling fight for survival.

Blood Of Beasts
Thorsson (Melvill-Smith) the king is falling ill and wants to make a pilgrimage to an island cursed by Odin. The island is home to a horrible beast. His daughter Freya (March) is betrothed to Sven, one of Thorsson's greatest warriors.

Freya tries to get an army together to go back and save her father (whom she believes to be alive). However, no one will join her and Sven reminds her that he is now king and that she is betrothed to him.

Lucy, Kit, and Mimi are three friends who live in a small Georgia town. While children, they bury a "wish box" in the ground, and vow to dig it up on the night of their high school graduation, also pledging to stay best friends forever; however, as they grow up, their friendship fades due to their different approaches of high school. Lucy becomes the valedictorian, Kit becomes the most popular girl in school, and Mimi faces teenage pregnancy. On the night of their graduation, they keep their promise and get together to open the "wish box". As they start talking again, they remember their old wishes while burying the box: Mimi wanted to travel to California, Lucy wanted to see her mother again, and Kit wanted to get married. Mimi brings up the topic of going to Los Angeles for a record contract audition. They all leave together: Lucy to visit her mom in Tucson, Arizona, and Kit to visit her fiance in Los Angeles.

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