Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Building A Dynasty:NBA Champs #NBA2K12

Two seasons in the making, two seasons we been fighting to get to this point. Blood,sweat and jump shots in the gym went into this. Nobody thought that we would win the finals. Everybody been riding our team all year. ESPN even made a top ten of why Andrew can't be a team captain, the world wrote us off. 

The finals we faced the big bad beast from the west. Dwight Howard and the Portland Trailblazers. They had a really stacked team with Mayo,The Truth and of course Dwight. I said that for us to win we would need great guard play and be able to still keep our regular flow of our game. We came into game one and we went at them at the get go. It was a battle trading baskets left and right. Both teams wanted to win and it was showing. After a season like this. We all need to end it with a message. But what the other team didn't have what we did. Ball movement. The Trailblazer were trying to play a lot of one on one ball and that may have worked for game one, even tho they lost. 

We wanted it more. We knew the feeling of losing. The pain you go thru waiting for the new season. The laughing you hear around the league. Who's laughing now? Only us THE CHAMPS.

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