Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GTFOH Replacement Refs #Seahawks #Packers

3 and 10 Wilson in the shotgun, he drops back and throws into traffic batted down. 4 and 10 Wilson in the shotgun again, he drops back, rolls around to keep the play alive tosses the ball up....It's a pick. Packers win the game Packers win the game. No wait the ref is saying Tate made the caught ? Wait what ? Seahawks win? This has to be the wildest ending I have ever seen in my life. I have seen a lot of football, I mean a lot. This ending tops anything I have ever seen in my life. This is coming from a person that seen a person get tackled from the sideline on a game winning run. This was just crazy. What the hell happen? I mean it's clear that he didn't catch the ball. It's not even in his hand, not even a little. The funniest part about this was the Seahawks. They were running around like they just won the Super Bowl. You got Golden Tate running around and taking a knee all over the place.
You got Wilson giving interviews saying "I just put it up and I'm glad he was able to come down with it" What? Huh? We must of been watching a different game. Mind you that doing the game the flags was flying. Seahawks came out and outplayed the Packers with they D. I know you Packers fans don't want to hear that but it's true. Now where the Seahawks got help was the O. They was calling magic P.I. on all the plays Seahawks didn't catch the ball. Golden Tate you got a gift from the football gods, next time thought ask for better hands. You did drop a TD pass earlier in the drive. 

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