Thursday, September 27, 2012

NBA 2K13 Developer Insight #6 - Shoes

The insight video I have been waiting on is finally out. The 4 mins I been waiting to see is here for me to watch. I been hype for this video since they started doing them. I can't wait to get in this game and make a couple shoes. Last year shoes just looked bad, really bad. I mean it looked like blocks on they feet with some shoes. I also didn't like that you couldn't change all the colors on most of the Jordans and others.   They listen to us. We cried about this for the whole run of 2k12 and I'm glad they listen. Man I'm to ready. I made my pre order 2 weeks ago so I'm hoping to get this game at least on Monday. Cause online orders come early with most games. Just wait till you see my shoes on the blacktop. Killing Em. Oh and how can I forget they even went and got Tinker for the game. TINKER!!!!! Legend 
This picture is from the launch party last night. I love the fact that D.Rose and the rest of the guys there really play the game. I just hate when people push a thing they don't use/play. Oh and he already got a copy of 2k13 yesterday.*Cough Cough* 2K bless me too? 

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