Thursday, September 13, 2012

Building A Dynasty:All-Stars And Playoff Bound #NBA2k12

Last week Building A Dynasty:Trades And More Wins #NBA2k12
Before I start this one I want to give out a little sidenote. The next one is the last one for 2k12. 

Last season we had 3 all stars. Andrew,Jrue and Wilson. We all felt that Rodney got stuck out of the all star game, he was playing as good as if not better then most in the game. So this year it was great to see that the fans seen how hard he was balling this year, making him and the other starters, starters in the All Star Game. 
As you can see one of the starters from our team is missing. It was a stolen opp again this year with him being left out. The whole game not even on the bench. Chip on his shoulder ? Maybe, only time will tell. 

So more good news is that Kerr and Berry made the rookie and sophomore team, starters.
They are standing out this season and bringing a big impact to our team. 

When I took the chance in getting Berry it was just that, a chance. He is really taking that chance and not looking back. Bringing in around 5 boards and 6 points. He is a nice sub for when Andrew needs to take a time out the game. 

Kerr is also putting on for the team. He started the year off as a starter and after getting our other twin tower we moved him down to a sixth man. So players might take that and fade into the bench and never play as hard, not Kerr. He understands that you as a rookie is not really your time to shine and that your time will  come. at 11points and 4 dimes a game I say he is truly on the way to the big leagues.

PlayOff Bound 
The ship has been sailing, and sailing real good. So good that we flew thru the season 28 and 2. With the 2 L's coming early in the season. That is what scares me, riding to fast. When you ride fast, you crash fast and I hope we can keep from hitting that wall. 

Our team is strong and I feel this might be the year, first place in the league means nothing if at the end you are not holding the champion chip in the end. Wish us luck in the playoffs. We going in. 

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