Thursday, August 30, 2012

Building A Dynasty:Trades And More Wins #NBA2k12

Last Week Building A Dynasty:Fast Out Of The Gate #NBA2k12

We all know what they say about  Andrew, they are fast to toss him over the bus. His old team the Lakers always was out to trade him. "He won't play hard" they say "He just out there to be out there" they say. Well I guess that's just for them cause the two seasons that he have been with us (The Bucks) Andrew have been beasting. 
Andrew have been playing so hard for this season so far and last season that we went a put a BIG deal on his plate. 7 years and 123 million dollars. That's right we gave him that much. This is the man that pulled 19 ppg and 7 rpg last season and putting up even stronger numbers this years as we ride a 11 and 2 wave. He is earning his keep around here. 

People laughed when I took him 7th. People said I was flat out crazy. The Bucks are dead in the water and it's only the first round. He is proving  them dead wrong. The monster is alive, who gonna stop him, huh ? Btw he dropped 40 on the Lakers in the Staples Center. I wonder what they have to say now. 

Andrea Bargnani is now a Buck, yes you heard right he is a B-U-C-K. This deal has been in the works since last year. I been wanting to bring him  in. We all know that Keith Faried really wasn't doing anything but just grabbing boards and that's good and all.Thaddeus Young love to dunk in the paint and that's great. But they just both did not do both. It was like having 2 players that do the job of one. So when I seen I can put this deal together I had to jump on it. I like Andrea, he shoots the long ball. Shoots it well and can get it done in the paint at 7'0. He all know I want twin towers and twin towers are what I have at the 4 and 5. Moving Wilson back to the 3. 

Placing the demand to kill off the head of our rookie Kerr as he comes off the bench now. Our starting line up stand as this now.

PG-  Jrue Holiday
SG-  Rodney Stuckey
SF-  Wilson Chandler
PF- Andrea Bargnani
C-   Andrew Bynum

You can really guess that we are shooting for the playoffs now. But we are shooting for the Chip. We want it all. To me the season started when he went to play the Magic, the team that killed our playoff dreams last year. Leading by 15 going into the 4th and they put up 25 in the last period. Crushing our playoff dreams and sending us home.

I knew this season that we were going into the game with the last season score on our minds, I knew this was going to be a fight to the end. Boy was I so wrong. We went in and ran them to the ground. It was raining three's and oh can't forget about the dunk from Andrea puts it down over Dirk and some other dude. The statement was made this game. Game On,World. 

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