Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brenda's Got A Baby (Teen Pregnancy)

Is Teen Pregnancy cool now ? Well let the Movies tell it it's all about laughing and fun times. What is this world coming to where kids have sex and have babies and it's okay. I'm not saying that you should beat your child for having sex but to just accept it adds to the problem. Parents are giving no action to the action of they kids which in return cause the kid to do what they feel cause they know nothing will happen. 
 Think about it like this, if you was to steal and you get caught and the cop goes "Oh, no problem. Keep the Ipod and go on home" what are you going to do the next day or later that day ? Steal ? Yup. The world is basically letting kids steal in a way. 

I can sit hear and give stats about how Teen's with babies are this and that, but people been doing that for years and nobody listen. I mean with MTV Teen Mom why would you. They think  we don't know nothing about anything, even know the people on that show are going crazy over having a baby. But hey that wouldn't be you. You different, your boyfriend care about you. I mean that's what he said right before you 16 year old's have unprotected sex.  

Media takes some blame for this but not all, it starts in the house. Starts with you. 

Parents need to be more open with their kids and let their kids feel comfortable talking to them about the simplest things like having crushes, instead of telling them it's wrong to like boys/girls, or avoiding the topic altogether. This way the kids are more likely to listen to their parents when the parent tells them having sex as a teen is wrong. Telling your little 6 year old that liking   boys/girls is wrong, will make your kids scared to even tell you they had a crush. They don't know what the feeling they feel are,do you really want them to find out from somebody else ? 
Parents like this make kids want to sneak around which leads to teen pregnancy.

Also there are parents who don't care what their kids do, and are too lenient with their kids. These are the parents that need to know who their kid's friends are and be more strict. They also need to let their kids know the consequences of getting pregnant at a young age.

A lot of younger people ask me questions about how to tell a girl they like them and questions about things in life period. My question I always ask them is "Why you didn't ask your parents" and they always go "psst". They are all 14-18 and even at them ages they don't trust they parents with they problems. Sure they parents buy them anything they want in life, they living good. Better then most but what you really need to give your kids is time with you. They need that, so when they have questions about girls/boys they want to come to you. They feel comfortable with you cause you always asking about stuff like that.

We may can't get Teen Pregnancy down to 0% but we can at least try.

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