Friday, August 10, 2012

NBA2K13 Developer Insight #1 And Gameplay

First thing that pops out to me is the ISO stick is back. If you don't know what the ISO stick is, it's when the right thumb stick controls the dribbling. They had it in 2K12 but the thing about it is that it was just in there wasn't really something you wanted to use. Now in 2k4 it was the best year of the ISO stick, was also the first year. It's great to see that they are bringing it back to the way it was both moving the left thumb and the right thumb takes the crossover to a new level as shown in the video. 

Wait did he say something about D ? Yup we heard right they will be fixing the way the D is played by the cpu and the way we can play D. I can't tell you how many times the D is beat but they are just sliding right back in front of you, really pisses you off. Shoot it just happen to me today, like everyday. It's cool thought I can handle it for the time being since they are fixing it. The gameplay also looks great. 2k is like the parent that's doing any and everything to show you they are the best parent. I like it. 

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