Thursday, August 23, 2012

#NBA2k13 All Game Achievements

No that is not my voice you are hearing in the video, yes I am watching Project Runway. Oh, you didn't ask that huh ? My bad. Anyway I am pumped after watching this video. Looks like 2K is giving "My Player" mode a makeover and calling it  "My Career" mode. It's a lot of  achievements you can get in "My Career" mode but what stands out to me is that you can be named player of the game in a non NBA game. What do that mean ? Is this saying that you will be able to play in the OLYMPICS ? I sure hope so. Another thing that I like is that blacktop is coming back and you we be able to play with classic teams online again. That's been fun in 2K12 I like playing with the classic teams over the regular ones online. But wait what is "My Team" and what can you do in "My Team" ? Is this "Crew Mode" god I hope this is crew mode. I really want crew back, like the rest of 2K players. 

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