Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Will Never Buy A Call Of Duty Game Again I Think

I been thinking about this for a while. When MW3 trailer came out I was hype. Everybody knows I  was ready for that game. I posted every MW3 info video and game play. It was the game that would change and push Call of Duty to a level we never seen, so we though. The game came out and well I made a review. 

MW3 was good for about a month. Then came the bullshit. Maybe I was getting in good lobbies the first month, maybe it's cause I was just hype about the game. Just seem like the camping jumped to a all time high. I said in that video that it  would be one person camping, it's 4 people per team camping now. When you play MW3, I mean any Call of Duty game look up at the radar. I bet you bottom dollar that 4 of your teammates will be standing still the whole game, I bet 90% of your deaths will be from somebody hiding in the mist of the dark. Call Of Duty have gone to shit. Not even cause of the game. 

Sure some of the maps are bad. I mean did they really think that Dome was the new Nuketown ? But all maps can't be great. It's the players. Call of Duty player will find anyway to play cheat. It was a glitch that made every gun in the game have the power of a shotgun, that's a one shot kill with any gun. You think people didn't do it cause it was cheating ? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit people was going hog wild with that one. I kinda take that one up with IW for not fixing the problem right when it happen, took them 2 weeks. By then the game was fucked. It's video's right now showing great camping spots on the game. 

See what I mean this is crazy, it's a lot of videos just like that.

I know why we buy Call of Duty. We buy Call of Duty for the same reason people take back they ex, cause you think it will be different this time around. We think that this is the game where nobody will do anything cheat,this the game where we all play to win and not care about K/D. To bad people will forever care about K/D and camp to keep a good one. Funny thing is my friend K/D is 5.2 and he never camps. 

I don't know how to fix a game that's already above broke, it's really over for Call Of Duty. Maybe I'll buy Black Ops 2 for the zombies but if it don't blow me away in the preview I'm not buying it. My stress level shoots up when I play call of duty now. 

Oh and BF3 is nowhere near better. They camp on there like they camp on COD, FPS are dead and gone. The golden years a thing of the past. 

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