Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leave Lolo Jones Alone

I wasn't going to talk about this at first, in fact I was about to make a post saying "Keep your head up LOLO". Then I came across a video from her teammates. You would think that as her teammates they would have her back and be there for her, I mean she did just spend 4 years of her life to come in 4th place. But no, they don't. 

They diss like her because everybody in America wanted her to win, she was the golden child. She worked hard and trying to overcome the pain she felt 4 years ago. Now why can't we be mad that she didn't win ? If they really want to keep it "real" then let's be real. What's that saying "If you  ain't first you last" well baby y'all last. She didn't win and you didn't either. Placing is great, hell I would kill to get sliver but we live in the USA and in the USA it's gold or GTOH. Sure it shouldn't be that way, yeah the media should give you praise,but what you do with your interview time ? Talk about LOLO JONES. 

You can't ask for something and the "little" that you get you choice to shit on a teammate. Kellie Wells and Dawn Harper take that USA off your chest, you need to have "Team Kellie Wells and Dawn Harper" cause that's all you two are about y'all self. Ratchet to the level of no understanding.  You let the media toss out the bait and you guys took it. You think that lady give two fucks about if you feel you was getting enough respect ? She sat back and let you open that mouth and bring NBC ratings thru the roof. USA Team Drama

I really hope that your story gets out there and you get the shine that you wanted. Cause you out here kicking over the next man to get to the place you want to be. You mad Lolo Jones didn't have to work three jobs ? To be real so the fuck what. You can't hate on somebody cause they didn't have the same hard times as you, that's not right. Don't kick a man while he's down and you are just stomping.

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