Friday, July 21, 2017

Tyga Moving Like The Phoenix #BitchImTheShit2

Sometimes in life, people lose their way. It just happens. It's nothing you can do. Just watch and hope. With that being said, Tyga has done some shit. I'm not here to tear him down, y'all do enough of that. 

I'm just here in hopes that the dude I first found out about in this video, still got it. Which is pretty funny, cause I still owe him a interview. He was supposed to be the first cover for 'My Swag Magazine' back in '08. We did link up in '10. So I guess we even. 

I say all that to say this, Tyga is coming back. This Friday is his chance to move like the Phoenix and rise. He's not one without an hit. He always keeps one of two. That's why I know he can get back on top of this hip hop flow and run the charts.

Imma just leave "Move To L.A." right here. We'll come back to this soon.  

Update: Friday

It's crazy what being in a different space can do for music. We all hear the opening track from Tyga new project. The top of this year. Didn't move. Last night it moved. Moved in a pretty big way. It sounds harder while having nothing different on the song.

Well, I think nothing is different.  This song set the tone for this mixtape.  "Niggas get so choked up I had to bring back the Spreewells". We got rapping ass Ye. 

He might go with Bel Air with Quavo as his next single. I suggest that he goes with 'Playboy' with Vince Staples. Both are great songs but that 'Playboy' goes. 

Pusha T lose his whole mind on Ski On The Slope. I'm pretty sure it's nothing that he haven't killed. Again, going back to the Kanye line about the Spreewells. Tyga kept this mixtape spinning. Utilizing each and every feature. Nobody was on the song to just be on the song for name only. They played they role. Even little King came in with that fire on "Flossin". He flossing y'all.

This has nothing to do with anything but Tyga has the song "Chandeliers" with surprise (?) ad-libs on it. 

He needs to shoot a video for Nann Nigga. The sight of Trick Daddy in a video just being Trick Daddy would be amazing. I heard he is going to be on Love And Hip Hop: Miami? I'll watch that. He too funny. This was one of the songs I was looking forward to. All because of Honey Cocaine. She been gone for awhile. Hope this her coming back track. She killed it. Like she always do. Her and Tyga makes great music together. This song might be in the top three for me so far. On the mixtape. I see you Young Thug on "Run It Back". That's just what I will do. Going back to the top. I think this is the chance for Tyga to get back.

You don't know nann nigga.He end this mixtape with 100's and this where I shall leave you. Counting 100's. 

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