Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ducko Mcfli's 'Issa808' Is Beautifully Savage

 I think I have only said this on the podcast (The Awkward Minority) but I'll say it again,in-case I haven't before. I love 21 music. He's so savage. This shit he raps about, I really feel he will do to you. Be out here slapping niggas with that fire. Shooting up everybody house till somebody dies. That's pretty savage 21. 

You should have seen how fast I clicked when I saw that somebody mixed by favored 21 mixtapes with the Kanye album that birth the new rappers.  

 Atlanta producer Ducko Mcfli celebrates the one-year anniversary of 21 Savage’s Savage Mode by premiering his new remix project Issa808 exclusively on Genius. Mcfli mashes up beats from Kanye West’s 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak with vocals from Savage Mode, creating a unique project that blends the strengths of Kanye and 21 Savage together. He was inspired to create Issa808 after hearing a bad remix of 21 Savage’s “Ocean Drive.” - Chris Mench

 They also interviewed Ducko Mcfli about the project.  You should check that out. Normally things like this sound and feel like it's a joke. You get a song, change the beat to something nobody would think of. Everybody laughs for a couple days. Share meme's, whatever. Not this. 

The darkest of the lyrics mixed with the darkest moments of heartbreak from Kanye is beautifully savage. It takes some of the pain that 21 displays on songs like "See You On Ocean Drive" and it lifts it above the level of what it was once on. Something about the strings from Ye brings that pureness of the records out. Stripping it down to its core so you hear the words in the open, not submerged behind the booming bass from Metro.  You can dance to the OG, you think to the remix. 

I enjoy both, Metro & 21. Stay booming.

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