Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tommy No Hilfiger #DressLikeJavaris

You know, it's something about this summer weather. This Sunday summer weather. Seems like when it's Sunday and the wind is blowing and mother nature is being beautiful and letting that hot be just right. That hot like in the microwave. Hot enough to get the party started but not hot enough to burn yo hands. 

So it's only right that when the weather is feeling like this, you bless mother nature back by getting fancy. This that Tommy No Hilfiger.  

The Sweater  
The best way to stand out is to not look like you standing out at all. This why I love this sweater. You stand out without even trying. The soft gray with the cream, sliding down into the red and the blue. This would have been perfect for 4th of July. If you celebrate that. This something that Tommy should have made. Something I should have made. Yikes!

 I know that all I wear mostly now is the H&M joggers (Shoutout to them). Topman has been coming in with the pants that fit us, short people, too. Pants, not the jeans. 

One of my favorite numbers is 33. Don't know why but I just love the look of it. Maybe I'm secretly the biggest Larry Bird fan and I don't know. Could be Patrick Ewing, since it's his sneakers? I normally wear the Hi-tops but the low's seem to be more of the chill look for this one. Less bulky.  

Sweater and Pants (Click banner below)

 Topman - Dress to Impress  

Sneakers: Jimmy Jazz

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