Thursday, July 27, 2017

That Kitten Got Claw$ #ClawsTNT

Put the money in the bag. Do it fast. Just don't break my nails.

You not thinking this but I'll put it on your mind. People don't give Nicey Nash enough credit out here in the streets. Maybe you didn't watch Reno 911. Or just remember her from the loud mouth roles. So let me use my loud mouth to say this. She still got it. That's some of that black that doesn't crack. Stacked like the brickest of houses. She also a pretty great actress. 

Anyways, Nicey is one of the people that pulls me into whatever role they are playing. Lead or not. I'm in. The list is not long in-case you wondering. It's something about her vibe. So when I saw the first talks about this, I was looking out for it. 

The pitch wasn't the greatest tho. I was listening to The Read and I think Kid Fury said something along the lines of "Um, so, yeah. Karrueche will be in a show with Nicey Nash about some nails. It's a drama on TNT". Something like that. It was in a happy tone though. They were mostly getting shoots off at Chris Brown.

You would think that given how happy I was about this show. I would actually watch it? Talk about forgetting the good stuff. I didn't watch. I can't lie. I kept forgetting. Just something about Sunday being so jammed that it just didn't happen. Good thing everybody else watched. I would have felt shitty to see it go. Especially after watching all seven episodes of this season. So I can be ready for Sunday. 

I'm hooked. They got me by the grip of their long claws. I can't break loose. I owe them my Sunday's. 

This show is pretty captivating. It takes this subject that's about the oldest of time. Selling drugs. We hate drugs in Merica but we love to watch people sell them. In high amounts. 
Claws give it a little twist. They focus on the cleaning. For the most part. 

Desna (Played by Nicey) lives with her brother and owns a nail salon with her 3 best friends. She and her crew are involved with the local drug gang by trafficking through the shop; Desi is also dating Roller who is one of the drug king pin's main dealers. Things get complicated when a new associate is introduced and Roller doesn't follow through on his deal with paying Desna for her help with the drug organization.

That new associate? That happens to be Virginia. Played by Karrueche Tran. She plays the fast little know it all on the show.  I didn't know anything about her (Besides the Chris Brown stuff) and barely knew what she looks like. So for the first four episodes, I didn't know that Virginia was her. I was watching and wondering when she would be on. Didn't know she played such a big role. So I say this without any pre judgment (knowledge) of her. Karrueche plays this role amazing. 

I won't say nothing more. Check out the show. Claws. Sundays. 9pm. TNT.

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