Thursday, September 20, 2012

Building A Dynasty:4 Game Sweep Through The Playoffs? #NBA2K12

We had one mission this season and one mission only. Win the NBA Finals. That's it, anything else is a bust. Sure we have the best record in the league during the season, sure we have 4 players that got voted All-Star starters this year. Sure we have the MVP of the league in Andrew Bynum but if we don't win what do that make us? Losers. "If you aint first you last"-Ricky Bobby.  
We went into the playoffs ready to show the world that we are the team to fear. Last year we dropped short of the playoffs and that chip has sat on our shoulders for the whole year. It was time for payback. 

The Pacers were first and they didn't want any of this Bucks train heading for the finals. They didn't know what to do with Andrew in the post and with Jrue running the court we walked in and walked out in four games with really nothing to see. We did see that Kerr should have been the rookie of the year, got passed over for the Pacers Perdo and after that beating I think even Perdo knew that he didn't need to have the rookie of the year honor. NEXT! 

The next round was the Pistons. This was a hot team during the season, and one of the few to beat us in the process. That was early in the season and we are a different team now. The Pistons are also a different team, since the all-star break the Pistons have been falling and falling hard. It was time for us to strike while the iron was hot.

The task would be easier said then done. D.Rose was not going to let his team go quite into the night. This man make have not won a game in the series but when you talk about nail biting you got that in this round.    

You see the red, you see the jerseys and hear the screams of the fans. It's time to take down the team that stands in the way of us getting to the finals. The Heat behind the following of Blake,Ruby and Kemba the Heat are the team that stands four games away from our trip to the finals. 

We went in strong I mean stronger then anybody have every pushed us. See we played this team in the season and we beat them by 40 in the regular season. We didn't think that this team would give us a run, push over. Easy money as they say. Well we didn't have any problems for the first 3 games. 

This from early in the season and as you can see Wilson is slapping that ball to section Z. But as I said we roll thru them in the first 3 games like we were picking up where we left off. Game 4 was different. The team was playing like they knew they can take over whenever they feel like so it's no need to even try. I can't lie I thought the series was over too. In fact I started the bench in this game. We over looked this game so much that we didn't even tie our shoes.  

The game started and it was bad, they was running and gunning and taking conman of the game. We sat back and let the bench play for a little bit longer, it was time for the starters to come in. They really didn't do any better. They was playing and putting it down, but the Heat shots were falling and falling fast. 

We head into the 4th and I sat everybody down and said "Losing one game doesn't lose the series, BUT losing this game this way will give them hope and we don't want that". I thought that my speak would pick the team up. It kinda did we went into the 4th down by 15 and played lock down D so well that they didn't even score in the last two mins. But it all came down to one shot. They ran the clock down but for the life on me I don't know why we didn't foul but we didn't they shoot they miss and we get the ball and called a time out.

Down by 2 and it's like 0.5 seconds left, I put some fresh legs in. Mr Lin to take the shot.
We inbound the ball to Lin and he drives the lane, I mean he really drives it as hard as you can with 0.5 seconds left. He goes up and is FOULED,FOULED. Clock is zero and he is FOULED so his free throws can set it up for overtime. He makes the first the fans get loud. He steps back and gets himself together and steps back to the line. He bounces the ball once he bounces the ball twice. He picks the ball up and lets it fly........ right into the bottom of the net. OVERTIME.

We were giving the chance to close it out. Overtime was a dog fight and I mean dog fight. Trading baskets and stops back to back and bringing it down to the wire again. Down by TWO, again. This the type of stuff movies are made of. They score and it leaves up with 6 seconds on the clock. I said one thing in the time out and one thing only "Butter". 

Comes out the time out and the ball is giving to Jrue and Jrue calls the iso. Everybody clears and he calls for the post up of Andrew. He gets to the post and as he is in the post Jrue tosses him and the ball, boom. Andrew spins BANG. As he goes to spin and he goes up Blake fouls him and he changes his dunk into a layup and banks it in. AND ONE. "Ice it" Jrue yells and ice it Andrew did. Winning the game and winning the series. Finals time baby finals.  

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