Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Catch Me In @Stance Socks For The Summer

The older I get the more I start to come around to the notion of the white sneaker. It's one thing I own but never wear. They always felt like they serve no reason to ever be on my feet. They shouldn't even be on your feet either. Matter fact, take them off right now. Joking. The more I think about it, the more I might actually start wearing them. Thanks to Stance socks that it.  

I have been seeing the socks around for some time now. I think the first pair I saw was of B.I.G, I didn't actually find out about the brand till I seen a post from D Wade awhile back. I'm talking about 2 years? Hey, I'm always late to the party but still always right on time. 

I know that makes no sense but it sounds good. 

Stance’s founders saw a category that had been ignored, taken for granted, and dismissed. By breathing life into something that had been overlooked, Stance has ignited a movement of art and self-expression that has drawn athletes, performers and iconic cultural influencers to the brand – a group called the Punks & Poets. And by underpinning its creative roots with a relentless focus on technical innovation, Stance is now found in over 40 countries on those who dare to be different. - Stance

I was stalking their website this morning and found a few I love. I found more than a few but I'm not trying to be here all day. Check out some of my favorites below and be sure to leave yours in the comment section. 

The high flying and forever sky driving to the rim, Dominique Wilkins. The Human Highlight Film. It's only right that this would be the first socks that caught my eye. Rep for the hometown when not in the hometown. 

 I didn't notices till now, I picked mostly all Atlanta related socks. What can I say, I love my city. Little heads on, on the style side. Don't wear the socks with something that has to do with the Braves unless it's only the hat. Wearing the shirt with the socks will be over kill. You will end up looking corny. I want you to look fresh.

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