Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Type Of Flowers

To say I hate flowers would be the understatement of the year. Let me tell y'all a story. I brought Jeem some flowers for V-Day. I was pretty excited about her getting them. I put lots of thoughts into them. The rep for the flower company helped pick them out and I knew I had the best choice. I got the white roses with this mail box. Wooden.  Pink mailbox and had like little hearts and stuff. My logic was when the roses died, she would be able to put her poems in it. She's a poet. The rep loved it and told me there need to even be more men like me in the world. I was feeling good. I just knew I killed the choice. 

I suck at keeping the secrets of gifts but I was quiet. I didn't say anything. 


 The flowers get to the house and she goes to open them. She excited. Really excited. She surprised and I'm just feeling like the man. She open the package and the flowers are already dead. I mean dead as dead can be. She took them to her mom house to try and bring them back to life, no luck.

I have hated flowers ever since. They die and they're over priced. 

Not if they start selling followers like this, than I can get behind that. Made out of fake stems and chips. This is the flowers that I would love to have around the house. They don't die. 


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