Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sprite x Sanquon x Hawaiian Punch "Ocean Waves"

Just like every Super Hero needs they theme music, every great brand needs a drink? Yup. That's right, Sanquon is now giving you something to remember us by during the day. With a Starbucks mix coming, our Ocean Wave should hold you over during the day as the morning slips away. 

As a child I used to love to mix the drinks that was in the fountain station. Wendy's had one but the one I loved was CiCi's Pizza.  The Wendy's one was cool but it was in the open. Everyone looking. I wanted to mix to myself. Plus I knew that my mom would start yelling 'Stop wasting soda". Mom's. 

That brings me to Ocean Waves. Ocean Waves is me just being me. I have been thinking for years about doing this. Mixing Sprite and Kool Aid singles. 

I switched out the Kool Aid and input Hawaiian Punch. 

This is the first of all the ones I will be creating. So let's keep it easy. No need to measure stuff. You take a packet of the Berry Blue Typhoon and Sprite. Sanquon mug is what I use.

Mix the two together and enjoy.

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