Monday, December 2, 2019

SanQuon New Headquarters

Part three/ part four

I have worked for this. I worked my ass off for this next sentence. I went from selling SanQuon out of my backpack to having THREE SanQuon owned and operated distribution centers.

Las Vegas.
(Go lower in this post ).

Worldwide, it would have never crossed my mind in the Summer of 2003. Tokyo it would be the first to show love with billboards of SanQuon. People in New York were stealing SanQuon posters that were hanging in front of bodegas, to take home to hang in their rooms. Remember when 'Somebody' used to stick SanQuon stickers on the Marta? I keep writing and erasing, because nothing I'm writing can really capture how I truly feel at this moment. I don't know where to start; however, not starting would be much worse.

I would say more, but I'll save the rest.

Hype Killers v The Machine. 

Headquarters alert🚨
  Dapper Dan talks about how everybody that lives in the United States wants to be from New York. (Everybody in New York wants to be from Harlem).
I never wanted to be anything, but something to the city that has birthed me. You can always miss me with that. My southern pride runs deep.
SanQuon flagship is in Atlanta,G.A., cause I'm cognizant of the groundwork that's been laid by MC Shy-D. 

I was born at Grady. I conduct myself as such. The tag under SanQuon doesn't change when the light hits it. 

To quote the great philosopher Andre 3000:

“It’s like this though, I’m tired of them Closed Minded folks, It’s like we gotta Demo tape but don’t nobody want to Hear it but it’s like this: The South got something to say! That’s all I got to say.”
I don't ask for permission, I just buy it all and do it myself. Atlanta shit.

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