Monday, December 2, 2019


Part one.
In 2012, I closed My Swag Magazine. I needed to focus more on my first love (fashion). I felt the magazine wasn't making the impact I wanted it to make. It was taking time away from designing. Which was fine, but the cycle of interviewing mega-famous people, people loving it and waiting for the next interview became dispiriting. 

As fun as it felt putting together the interviews and content around it, it didn't push My Swag Magazine forward. It fell into the same traditional ways of media. I wasn't happy about it. My mind was not being stimulated, yet it was satisfying the masses, so I let it ride. 

I started doing things at V (this post not about them so no names lol), but hey, turn y'all stuff in today, thanks) and TV (y'all too) and kept pushing out content for those two mags, plus my own.

'Til I left it alone. I stopped interviewing people. Like all together. Not even for V and TV. No matter how many emails and calls I got (Still get). I didn't want to just throw things into this world of media without it touching something that meant everything to me. 

THIS IS STARTING TO BECOME TOO LONG. Let's get to the meat. 

I hate the way that blackness and black history are being covered in society. Taking the same three people and positioning them as if they represent the embodiment of blackness. MLK and Rosa Parks are only spoken of in efforts to try to silence people into peacefulness. Subliminally falsely abetting the idea that America got its freedom by doing something it truly didn't do. Textbooks only cover slavery and peanut butter. Blackness is loud, blackness is proud, blackness is real, blackness opens the doors to sides of the mind that didn't allow itself to be beaten into submission.
They wanted me back, I wanted something to say.

Black is gold.

Because, Blk.

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