Thursday, December 19, 2019

'Loved Be Loveless' Got Your Back

Christmas is Wednesday and you still haven't got your significant other a gift. It's okay. I understand. You want to find the perfect gift. The one that's gonna light up her face and leave her talking about it for years.  Let me help you take that stress away. 

Step one: Fill up her car with gas. (Get yourself some chips & a newspaper, you'll need it later)

 Step two: Tell her how beautiful she is. Open the door to your car so she can get in and take her down to:
Loved Be Loveless
118 W Montgomery St 
Villa Rica, GA.

With their massive variety of rustic home decor, you'll be transcended into a winter wonderland. A team full of helpful staff, ready to help your wife spend your money. I mean, create life long memories. So take her this weekend. Because the thought of waiting for Wednesday to see the smile on her face kills you. 

I also read somewhere that spending $300 at one time was good luck for 2020. 

You can also let her shop online:

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