Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Muppets Was *Fire Emoji* Last Night #TheMuppets

Last night was the pilot episode of the show from The Muppets. For the younger readers, The Muppets are a group of puppet characters known for an absurdist, burlesque and self-referential style of variety-sketch comedy. Having been created in 1955 by Jim Henson, they are the namesake for the Disney media franchise that encompasses films, television series, music recordings, print publications, and other media associated with The Muppet Show characters.

As you can see from my twitter feed. I was enjoying the hell outta the show. It was on point. They had loads of one liners. My favorite being the one above. The full thing goes "When your online profile says "Passionate bear looking for love" you get a lot of wrong responses... well not wrong. Wrong for me - Fozzie Bear. Once my boy Fozzie dropped that line, I was sold. It was so clever. It was funny to the kids and to the adults for two different reason. I texted my friend that's a 'Bear', "Fozzie not into y'all". We laughed for about ten minutes.

I'm sure I don't have to explain it to you. Anyways, the show is based around Miss Piggy having a night show. Up Late With Miss Piggy.  Kermit is executive producer, Gonzo is head writer.  The rest of the gang has jobs too. Like finding a wire that can hold Miss Piggy up. Wrecking ball one didn't have much luck.

 So this morning I went to like The Muppets Facebook page.  You should have seen my face when the comments was filled with people with sticks up their ass. Matter fact, I got you. 

This was my face, So many mad moms.  Sensitive moms, Complaining about the show last night. Keyword being night. For one, the show comes on at 8pm. It was never marketed to the young kids. The Muppets never for kids. Even in the 70's (Video), It had smoking, drinking foul mouthing and all that good stuff. Now you want to fucking get mad cause Kermit said "My life is a, bacon wrapped Hell on Earth".. Fuck you, that's funny and kids think it's funny too. If they happen to be watching. Again, never was for kids. 

I'm getting so sick of people and feeling the need to walk around with a wet towel. We had this same problem with Black Ish last year. Y'all need to chill the fuck out. Yes, I'm using the words displayed to make you mad.  

The thing that fucks kids up is the state that the parents that live inside the house , they're so stiff.  I used to live by one dude. Let's say his name was Allen. Now Allen was a nice dude. One day Allen comes to my house and ask to borrow a tape. Being the good friend I am, I was suggesting videos. He kept saying 'I can't watch that'. I thought it was his nice way of saying he don't like that type of video. So after a couple my mom goes "What kind of video can you watch". He goes "PG". I think he said PG, maybe it was G. All I know is that it was way too low for a 17 year old. 

His parents was having him only watch movies for kids. 17 year old and he watching shit like Air Bud. Fast forward till he reach 19 and he leaves for the army. 

Allen since then has been acting all kinda crazy. Got married at 20 and that lasted for one year. In between the time that he has become 30, he been living like a music video. I'm so off topic. Point being, listen to the next podcast episode of  The Awkward Minority. I'll finish it there.

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