Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Protect Ya Neck #DressLikeJavaris

"I smoke on the mic like smokin' Joe Frazier
The hell-raiser, raising hell with the flavor
Terrorize the jam like troops in Pakistan
Swinging through your town like your neighborhood Spiderman"

Today marks the first of Fall. The weather is actually changing quicker this year. Used to be around Halloween is when you had to go ahead and get the jackets out. I'm not ready. I'm never ready. I always forget to get one of the Sanquon black jackets.  Ha! Design clothes for a living and always forget to get the color jacket I love the most. 

Put together a little something for the dinner parties your girlfriend/boyfriend will be dragging you to. 

Burgundy crew neck jumper w/ Duck Boots.
This is the one up top. This is my favorite of the ones I'm posting about. I just love the switching of the colors. This would be greatly paired with some, well white pants as the picture shows.  You take that and put on some duck boots, you good to go. That's what I call them. Polo makes some pretty good ones. 

Denim and off spacedye raglan sweater

Who needs to change at night when you can just wear this one all day. Some grey mixed with some white is always good. Pair this one with some blue jeans and boat shoes. I;m even thinking to toss on a gold chain. Not the type the rappers wear, like a small, barley hangs off you neck type one. The brown boats are the way I would go. I actually need to get this one. Sold out.


 Navy v-neck jumper

 This might be the one to pair with the gold chain. It would look fresh with the polo laying under it. Put the gold chain under the collar. That's what I would like for you to do. Let's save some money and go back to the white pants and get it fancy with some white old school Reeboks. This might be the first time that most of y'all have seen them bad boys. 

Click below to shop the looks. Be sure to tweet me what you get.  

Topman US

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