Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Birds Flying High #AtlantaFalcons

I was going to write about the game last night. Instead I'll just share this picture. Matter fact, I'll talk about it a little. Do ESPN not watch the per season? Like at all. They sat on the Monday Night Countdown stage in the Georgia Dome and shitted on the Falcons. 

I can handle the team being talked about like the media did at the end of the year. Last year. We were bad. Really bad. At times it seem like the team didn't want to be there. I get that. To start this new season off and not even take into account that we only have five starters still on the team from the past teams is one big slap in the face on ESPN part. 

I'm not saying you had to pick the Falcons but you didn't have to suck Chip Kelly dick for three hours. I hope you wiped your chin when you was done.  I have never in my life seen such bullshit. You wanna crown them, then crown they ass

The Falcons was all in the ass of the Eagles last night. We should have scored 50 last night. We had chances to score and one freak INT and just pissed away a couple drives. So if the Eagles are as great as the Hype. Why our 31st Defense shut that ass down? The Eagles had one quarter where they was able to bounce on us. That was it.

Y'all keep talking about the Eagles tho. Maybe we will forget what you said. You know who will remember? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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