Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My FavoriteThings: NFL Fever (Video Game Series)

You ever remember something from the past? Like every little detail about it and how it used to make you feel? Then you just can't think of the name. That's been me for around the past couple of years. I just couldn't think of this game name. This was Craig David all over again. I was able to know all the details but when it came to the name. I blanked. That was till about five minutes ago. Around the same way I went about finding him. I went to the list of Xbox games and found this. NFL Fever. 

 Madden was cool back in the day but it had nothing on Fever. Fever was where it was at.The reason as a kid I liked it so much, was because you can make yourself a player. Not just any player. You can make your player a tank. They had that option.  Another one was World Class. It had nothing on the Tank tho. 

I found a review of the game from 2001. 

NFL Fever 2002 is a reworked version of Microsoft's PC football title of the same name. In its current state, Microsoft NFL Fever 2002 for the Xbox is currently running at only 50 percent of its intended power. The game will have all the standard modes of play right out of the gate, such as career, dynasty, and create-a-player. The game ironically looks and feels like a mix of Madden for the PS2 and NFL 2K1 for the Dreamcast. The player models look even better than those found in Madden on the PS2, but they control with the quick and immediate response of NFL 2K1.

The visual detail of NFL Fever 2002 is really quite impressive. When checking out the players up close in the game's replay mode, gamers will be able to see the muscles of the players contract when they bend their arms, see their eyes track the ball, and even see them wince when they get tackled. The reflections on the players' helmets are unbelievably real, as are the shadows on the field. The animations of the players executing moves on the field look really good, although the transitions in between animations still need to be smoothed out. AI players will actually try to do things like drag their toes when making a reception that's headed out of bounds. In its current state, the AI of the players doesn't appear to be tuned since we were able to run more than a few touchdowns back.

We also got a chance to see some weather effects, which are pretty sharp as well. For instance, when playing a game during a snowstorm, the snow on the field will actually accumulate over the course of the game and actually affects the players' footing. Gamers will be able to easily see this since the players actually leave footprints in the snow.

Looking at the way the sports game market panned out, Microsoft should have stayed making this game. This is a video from the last one that was made. In 2003. The graphics are still great. They should bring this back. I love this game. 

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