Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Search For Craig David- Seven Days & Fill Me In


MAN, I was searching for this song for about a hour and a half. Just randomly started thinking about it. The only problem is. I not only forget his name. I also forgot the name of the song.

As you can see, I was putting in random stuff to find this song. You ever have a song in your head and you can't think of the name. That was me. I was racking my mind for it. I think I even typed in "Nice house with girl England song". Really the video had a nice house in it. I guess they used Glen Sheepwash to find it. If you follow the timeline you can see the moment that it hit me that it's Craig David. Only thing I had in my mind was "He had another song where he walking on a ledge"

That Song would be 'Fill Me In'. Another classic by him. Did you know that it's two different versions of his music video. The U.S and The U.K.

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