Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Got Some More To Say #Ferguson

I'm confused (not really it just sound good).

I see people bring this 'Black on black' crime thing up. A lot. To the point where it makes me wonder. You say that we (black people) should be mad each time a black person kills another black person. Um, for one. Stop that. You don't know all the post I write about calling for peace for the human race as a whole. Black people kill other black people. That's a bad thing. It really is for another person to lose they life.

People don't need to call for justice (for black on black),for the most part, cause the crime is solved. What's the point in screaming to arrest the killer, if the killer already in jail?

People bring up black on black, like white people haven't done or doing any crimes in America either. Each race has bad apples. Stop just pointing out the black ones.

Killing is killing.

Since you want to single out black people tho. I don't see YOU tossing your arms up for crime you see. I mean unless you feel that no crime has every been commit by white people. But I guess they had they reasons,huh?

The problem with what's going on in #Ferguson is that a cop killed a kid. A cop killed a unarmed kid. Doesn't matter the color of his skin. We talking about a person that duty is to protect the kid. Whose entire livelihood is supposed to be the protection of civilians–the keeping of peace, the upholding of our freedoms, the protection of citizens are hunting said civilians like game.

That's the problem that is happening in America. We living in a police dome. Can't even call it a police state. The power is overloading.

America is turning into a war zone, but you keep on drinking that tea

Too busy still only blaming black people for killing each other. How about holding all humans accountable that kill. Cause last I check. It's lot's of killing going around and black people aren't the only ones with the guns.

Or maybe they the only ones you see, cause you know we have such a strong history of violence (sarcasm.).

Paying taxes is nothing but buying the weapons for the cops to kill us with one day.

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