Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hard Knocks Tonight #AtlantaFalcons #NFL

  I been waiting all summer for this. Since they first said that the Falcons would be on Hard Knocks. I been ready. I didn't ever think for a minute that the Falcons would ever be on the show. It's mostly for team under .500 for more then one season. They have had to force teams to do it in the past. Everybody thought that St. Louis was going to be the team. I'm glad the Falcons stepped up to do it. Seeing that they're my hometown team. 

BUT THIS RIGHT HERE. That right there is just epic. The fighting, the wanting to out do each other. That was missing on both sides of the line last season. Our line looked like a brunch of men, cutout of plastic bags. Not even that, cause atleast plastic takes a while to break. So it's great to see Jake fighting and actually doing what a linemen job is. Blocking. Just not too much fighting tho. Leave that for the Saints.  

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