Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Need To Find Shaq Soda #SodaShaq

  Okay, I need the internet to pull together with me on this one. I have been looking for Shaq Soda since I first had it. Months ago. 11 months to be correct. It was at a little store here in Georgia, Food Depot. They was stocking it for months and I was buying it like crazy. I'm a lover of cream soda. It's my favorite. I love the A&W one. That's only regular. Soda Shaq gives you four favors. They're all great, So I need to find them again. I can't seem to find them tho. I looked in alot of stores and no luck. 

Jesus, I sound like I'm hooked on the stuff. I might as well be with how great it is.  

I'm really not blowing smoke right now, y'all know I don't do that. 

Anyways. I see that they have Amazon's listed at Sam's Club. Guess that's my next stop.

Also by the way, The Arizona cherry lime 'Rickey' is pretty great aswell. I have no promblem finding that one tho. 

I'll keep y'all updated. The search for the cream. 

Update #1: If anybody know where I can find huge packs like this. Let me know. Tweet (@JavarisIsOnMars) or email


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