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My Favorite Entourage Episodes Ever Made #Entourage

 Good ole Entourage. Everybody favorite show. By everybody, I mean every mans favorite show. It has it all. The women, the cars, the money and did I mention the women? Yup, more then likely you will be seeing a "The Women Of" series post about them. All jokes aside this is a great show. Entourage chronicles the acting career of Vincent Chase, a young A-list movie star, and his childhood friends from Queens, New York City, as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Los Angeles, California.

The first episode I ever seen was the one with T.I. You know, the one where Ari Gold sends Adam Davies a bag of shit. Attached to a 100 dollar bill. So Adam sends Ari male strippers in the middle of his meeting with T.I. 

That was a pretty funny scene and I would love to see him really do Black Sabbath. Make it happen Ari. Since he is the biggest agent in Hollywood. I wonder if he also work with great lawyers like the ones at

I put together a list of my ten favorite episodes. Check them out and  I would love to hear what your favorite episodes or even scenes are. Tweet me @JavarisIsOnMars 

"Good Morning, Saigon" (Season 2,Ep12.)
When Vince and his co-star act out of character, Ari and Eric must face a team of angry handlers – and each other. Meanwhile, Drama and Turtle make a musical discovery while retrieving a stolen car.

"One Day in the Valley" (Season3,ep.2)
Vince's steamy post-premiere plans for Aquaman leave Drama hot and bothered. A series of California blackouts threatens to undermine Aquaman's chances of eclipsing Spider-Man's opening-weekend numbers. Stuck in the San Fernando Valley, the guys purchase motorcycles and help two geeks get into a high-school party. Ari puts off sex with his wife on "game day", as he refers to the Aquaman opening day.

"Vegas Baby, Vegas!" (Season 3 ep.9)
Vince and the entourage head to Las Vegas for a vacation and for Vince to make a special promotional appearance for $100,000. Seth Green repeatedly harasses Eric about Sloan. Drama misleads a masseur after showering him with compliments.

"Gotcha" (Season 3 ep.16)
Drama finds out he will be the target on Pauly Shore's new Punk'd-like reality show, and thinks he's in on the joke. Eric attempts to smooth out tensions between Vince and Amanda, but they've already been relieved. Meanwhile, Ari's college fraternity brother comes for a visit, and Ari finds himself jealous of the former slacker's new-found riches, as well as his gorgeous fiancée .

"The All Out Fall Out" (Season 5 ep.3)
To avoid bankruptcy, Vince takes Shauna's and his accountant's advice by agreeing to make an appearance at a not-so-sweet-sixteen bash. Ari and Adam Davies' feud restarts with an impromptu street race, but Davies takes it too far. Still devastated by his breakup, Drama gets drunk on a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue whisky.

 "ReDOMption" (Season 5, ep 6)
 Ari squares off against Alan Gray in a golf game in an attempt to get a role for Vince, only to have Alan continue to be his usual angry and vindictive self. After causing a televised car chase, Dom asks Vince to bail him out, but only Eric — who still doesn't trust Dom — can afford it. Desperate for a job, Turtle agrees to be Drama's personal assistant.

"Return to Queens Blvd." (Season 5,ep12)
Nearly broke, the guys return to Queens. But thanks to a tip from Vince and Drama's mom, Rita Chase (Mercedes Ruehl), Eric tries to get filmmaker Gus Van Sant to cast Vince in a role. Van Sant won't let Vince audition, leading to a confrontation between Vince and Eric; Vince fires him, and Eric returns to L.A. Later, Vince reconnects with his high-school sweetheart and Drama invests in a neighborhood bar. Turtle continues to try to maintain his relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler as a secret, despite the guys' curiosity. Eric's efforts turn out not to be in vain, as Van Sant forwarded Vince's reel to filmmaker Martin Scorsese, who calls Vince to say he wants Vince in the lead role of his remake of The Great Gatsby, which will film in New York City. Vince flies back to L.A. to reconcile with Eric in person.

 "Stunted" (Season 7, ep1)
 As Vince shoots an action movie directed by Nick Cassavetes, he is asked to perform a dangerous driving stunt that could be fatal. Eric and Ari intervene, but there may be no stopping it. Now running a fledgling car service business, Turtle is frustrated when an employee named Alex (Dania Ramirez) causes problems for him. Drama wants a job since his holding deal will expire in eight weeks, but Lloyd has not been forthcoming about his prospects, and Ari is the one who gives Drama a harsh reality check.

"Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" (Season 7. ep 9)
Now that a new director has been attached to his movie, Vince tries to get Sasha a part in it, which leads to a confrontation. Ari learns from Queen Latifah that Amanda may have landed an NFL deal. Eric’s assistant Jennie works on Drama to get him onboard for Billy's new series. Turtle’s attempt to get funding from Mark Cuban causes problems with his Mexican boss. Unfortunately, while they are all at Vince's home, Drama, Turtle, Lloyd, Billy, and Alex discover how far Vince's drug habits have gone.

"The End" (Season 8, ep 8)
In the series finale, Vince delivers big news after spending a night with Sophia. Ari makes one final attempt to save his marriage, and when it dawns on him what his mistakes were, he quits the agency. Drama and Turtle do their best to get Sloan to reconcile with Eric, as Vince makes an effort of his own with Terrance. In the end, Vince, Sophia, Turtle, Drama, Ari, and Melissa fly off to Paris for Vince's wedding while E and Sloan fly off together. In a final post-credits scene, Ari is in Italy with his wife when he receives a call from John Ellis (Alan Dale), the CEO of Time Warner. He tells Ari he's retiring and that he wants him as his successor. The episode ends with Ari pondering the offer.


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