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The Women Of True Blood #TrueBlood

  Sometime when you watching a show, you can't help but notice the looks of the people. Rather it's the ugly, or the awkward or the gorgeous. We all notice, even if we're not trying to. It kinda makes and breaks some shows.When making this list, makes me want to see what Michael Domenichetti have listed in this area. The women are hot. I for one, sure didn't start watching 'Pretty Little Liars' because of the story line.  I did stay because of it. 'The Women Of' does just that. Counting down the 'key points' of shows you watching, or should be watching. .

 1.Janina Gavankar (Luna Garza)
 First Seen :Season 4, Episode 1 : "She's Not There"

About her character: Luna is a headstrong woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. She could often be cold or even rude to strangers and didn't like them butting into her business. When prompted, she often took rash decisions without properly thinking situations through. At those moments she would often ignore the advises of others or snap at them for not helping.

Despite all this, Luna possessed a caring and loving side. She proved she would do anything for her daughter Emma. When something or someone threatened her daughter, Luna would jump into action without hesitation.

Fun facts about Janina:  Gavankar is an admitted gamer. Gavankar's former all female singing group, Endera, was signed to Cash Money Records. Gavankar is the first actor to use Twitter, signing up on Richard Branson's computer on Necker Island in 2006. She did a remix of Kanye West hit "Love Lockdown". Her best song is shown below.


 notable work: Shivakamini Somakandarkram on The League 

 2. Karolina Wydra (Violet Mazurski)
First Seen:Season Six, Episode 2  "The Sun"

About her character: Violet usually maintains a calm composure. She appears to be strong and fearsome and has no trouble keeping other vampires in check. As the apparent leader of the vampires in general population one, she uses her abilities to maintain peace among the group and prevent fights.

She however does not seem to help others for free, as she reminds Jessica and Tara they owe her one for helping them. Often times, she has shown to be very manipulative. Shown when handling matters in Gen Pop and trying to win over Jason Stackhouse.

Her conversation with Jason revealed much about her personality. She was raised as Catholic, though her beliefs differ from modern Catholicism, the latter of which she describes as "bullshit." She believes in God and the sanctity of romantic union, which she sees in Jason. She seems to possess a genuine attraction to Jason and makes it clear that he is hers both as food and as a mate. 

 3.Jurnee Smollett (Nicole Wright)
First Seen: Season Six, Episode 2 "The Sun"
 About her character: Nicole is in her early 20's, а do-gooder to the core. She is naive, optimistic, and charming -- but her idealism is "ultimately vaguely idiotic and dangerous." Nicole is a key member of a band of well-meaning liberal advocates who want to help shield the various supernatural species from persecution by humans. The gang models itself after the civil rights activist group Freedom Riders, who rose to prominence in the 1960s. She could be considered to be a true "bleeding heart". Nicole is not at all concerned with money, but rather with the common good and doing what's right.

Though Nicole is aware of the various supernatural creatures living amongst the human population, she seems to have little real understanding of them. She expresses surprise when she sees a shapeshifter shift into a stallion, and is caught unprepared when a pack of werewolves becomes hostile towards her. Her inexperience causes her to often find herself in dangerous situations, as she is unable to comprehend that the supernatural beings do not want to associate with humans, and thus view Nicole as more of a threat than an aid.

Notable work: Jess from #FridayNightLights | Judith in Temptation. 

  4. Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby)
 First Seen: Season One, Episode 10 "I Don't Wanna Know"
 About her character: Jessica was raised in a strict and devout Christian family in Shreveport, Louisiana. Jessica and her younger sister Eden were home schooled by their parents. They where not allowed to go out and only went to Bible study and clarinet lessons. Jessica's father would often beat Jessica with his belt to punish her for any faults in her chores or behavior. Jessica's mother was oblivious to this abuse, which Jessica attributed to her mother's "stupidness". Jessica resented the restrictions of her life dearly and secretly developed a rebellious attitude to her father's dominance.

When she became a vampire, she began to explore different feelings and became more open to the world around her. She proves to be deeply insightful at times while showing her naivety at others. Though she's a teenager physically, she is able to mature and grow. She has dealt with traumas like losing her first love (Hoyt) and her family, as well as the violence specific to her circumstances as a newly turned young vampire.  

Fun Facts About Deborah: Woll's boyfriend, EJ Scott, suffers from a condition, Choroideremia, which ultimately results in blindness. She uses her celebrity status to help raise awareness of the disease. She has been quoted as saying that her boyfriend's bravery in fighting his disability has inspired her own battle with celiac disease, which makes her body intolerant to foods containing gluten.

 Her character Jessica has her own web page where the actress plays her character Jessica in a video blog setting. Each video goes along with the series starting from Season 2. The page is updated every Sunday night after airing the show.  Some of the videos even feature cameos of your favorite True Blood characters.

 5.  Lizzy Caplan (Amy Burley)
 First Seen: Season One, Episode 7 "Burning House of Love"  
About her character: "Did you know that my sophmore year of college I walked away from a full academic scholarship so I could go to this poor Guatamalan village. Helped them build their very first irragation system. So they could have a fresh water. Crops, that didn't give them dysentery. So don't you dare get morally superior on me. I am an organic vegan and my carbon footprint is miniscule."

Amy was shown as being very environmentally conscious. She talked at length about how everything was inter-connected and that all living things shared the same energy. This is how she justified killing a vampire, claiming that they were not living creatures and were therefore wasting energy. Amy was a vibrant, articulated and somewhat of a systematic person, and was also a V addict, which involuntarily led to her death.

Fun Facts about Lizzy: Lizzy is Janis from the movie 'Mean Girls' 

notable work: Masters Of Sex, Mean Girls. 

6. Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhousse)
First Seen: Season One, Episode 1 "Strange Love" 

About her character: As a telepath, Sookie must constantly cope with hearing people's thoughts. She can hear their darkest secrets—without wanting to—and so is awkward around people. Sookie is polite and caring, always willing to help someone in need. Although Sookie is kind, she never hesitates to stand up for herself and her beliefs, even when face-to-face with an angry vampire or her best friend. Sookie is loyal to her friends, but when a friend does not return that loyalty she is deeply hurt. Some of Sookie's negatives are her naivete and gullibility; this is partly due to her quiet, sheltered life in a small town and her trusting disposition. She can be quite blunt and sarcastic. Sookie has a natural (and deadly) appreciation and curiosity of the supernatural world and all the creatures in it, primarily because she cannot hear their thoughts and feels at peace with them. Also, they value her telepathic abilities and respect her, whereas humans treat her like a simpleton.

Others think of Sookie as a nice, innocent person who needs to be protected, but she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Her ability to know what people are thinking  has occasionally made her feel like an outcast, but she does her best to deal with it. No one is more important to her than her family, though she also likes her independence. 

Funfacts:  On 5 August 2009, Paquin announced her engagement to her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, whom she had been dating since filming the series pilot in 2007.They married on 21 August 2010 at a private residence in Malibu, California.Paquin and Moyer have a son, Charlie, and a daughter, Poppy, who are fraternal twins born in September 2012. Through her marriage to Moyer, Paquin also has a stepson, Billy (born in 2000), and a stepdaughter, Lilac (born in 2002). The family resides in Venice, Los Angeles.

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