Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So Sick Of The 'Pranks In The Hood' Videos #OpenLetter


 I never lived in the hood a day in my life. With that being said, they need to leave the people that live there alone.  I'm getting sick & tired of these kids doing these "PRANKS IN THE HOOD". After you get passed the laughter (when there is some) you got to REALIZE THAT THIS IS INSULT TO BLACK PEOPLE going to neighborhoods asking black people disrespectful shit, snatching their phones, taking pictures of them and doing other antagonizing, provoking things... then when they get beat up, they become victims screaming that it's "JUST A PRANK"... Pranks are as follows 'practical joke: a mischievous trick or silly stunt done for amusement'. This is not pranks. This is like me walking to you and punching you, to see what you would do. That's all this is. 'Let's see black people get mad".

It's not funny. Black people and their reactions to your disrespect are
not for your entertainment. come to the "hood" and do some community
service or donate some of the bread you're making from your lame ass
youtube videos. the shit is getting annoying. then they're painting the
black man, the black woman, or the hood, as usual, as animistic and angry. 

These boys are making a joke out of something that is a reality for a group of
people. you don't come asking somebody can you punch them, or ask them
if they have a problem, or snatch their phone to look at the time - all
shit that really leads to a real problem in real life... these people are out of control.
What happened to the youtube pranks that made people laugh? Now its just people getting themselves into dangerous situations and fucking with people. Then they tell them "you're on a hidden camera show!" You are not a part of a fucking hidden camera show, its you trying to get famous on youtube filming with your iPhone. Its only a matter of time until we turn on the news and find out a youtube prank "gone wrong" actually got someone killed. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sure as hell not gonna feel bad for them.

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