Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Favorite Things: The Heat (Film)

  Fun fact: Jeem loves Melissa  Mccarthy. Loves the hell out of this women. Watches her interviews and Bridesmaids. It's safe to say, she has a women crush on her. Oddly enough she haven't seen "Mike and Molly" or 'The Heat". Maybe we should change that. 

I wouldn't say this is funnier then 'Bridesmaids' but it holds up on it's own. Grossing over 220 million dollars at the box office. It was talks of a part two. I even seen that Sandra was so happy with the work her and Melissa did, that she wanted to do a tv show together. Sadly as of 2013, Sandra gave a no to a part two. Hopefully things change. 

That's one badass poster. 

 The Heat is a 2013 American buddy cop comedy film written by Katie Dippold and directed by Paul Feig. The plot centers on Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Boston Detective Shannon Mullins, who must take down a mobster.

FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn is a very skilled and effective investigator in New York City, but is despised by her fellow agents for her arrogance and condescending attitude. In Boston, she meets Shannon Mullins, a skilled but foulmouthed and rebellious police officer with the Boston Police Department. Ashburn's by-the-book philosophy clashes with Mullins' rugged and violent style of police work. Under pressure from her FBI boss Hale, Ashburn reluctantly agrees to team up with Mullins.


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