Thursday, July 17, 2014

Drake Was Pretty Funny Last Night #ESPY

  I like Drake music. It's pretty good to me. Lot's of punchlines. Smart mans rap.  As you know, lot's of people hate Drake. I don't know why they hate him. He seem like a pretty nice dude. Sure he does try a couple of odd (Try and act hard) things, but don't we all?  Not the acting hard part, cause clearly I'm a thug (joke). Anyways Drake hosted the ESPY's last night. 

It started out great, he was pretty funny, He had me laughing. It was great to see that he wasn't afraid to pick on everybody, Even himeself "I love the winners, once you start losing, you dead to me". 

One of my favorite things have to be the Lance cam. I really didn't see that coming. I really,really fell out laughing when him and Lance did it tho. I'm shocked it was no catfish joke for PG tho. He a good sport for this one. 

At this point, I'm thinking 'it's no way he can beat that skit'. I mean he had Chris Brown in the skit. That was the icing on the cake. If you don't know. Drake and Chris was beefing for years. Even a fight in a nightclub, so that's why it was funny that Chris Brown was the doctor. Just in-case you didn't know. 

BUT WAIT, they did beat it. They being Brain McKnight and Drake. With a little tune called "Side Piece"

Then it gets a little creepy. Funny creepy? Like we all know that he really is into her, so this is too much I guess, The women has a boyfriend for crying outloud. He got to be sitting there, ready to TKO Drake. This isn't the first time he expressed love for Skylar. The funniest thing about this tho, Lil Wayne his boss and he loves her too. Now that would have been a great skit.

Overall this was a pretty funny ESPYS. I loved it. Drake pretty funny. Oh, and people won stuff.

Best Male Action Sports Athlete: Nyjah Huston, Skateboarding
Best Male U.S. Olympic Athlete: Sage Kotsenburg, Snowboard Slopestyle
Best Female College Athlete: Breanna Stewart, Connecticut Basketball
Best Male College Athlete: Doug McDermott, Creighton Basketball
Best NBA Player: Kevin Durant,  Oklahoma City Thunder
Best Female Tennis Player: Maria Sharapova
Best Fighter: Floyd Mayweather, Boxing
Best Breakthrough Athlete: Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks
Best Moment: USA Vs. Ghana
Best Game: Alabama vs. Auburn, Iron Bowl
Best Play: Chris Davis
Best Female Athlete: Ronda Rousey
Best Upset: Mercer over Duke, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
Best NFL Player: Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
Best Driver: Ryan Hunter-Reay, IndyCar
Best Male Athlete: Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
Best Team: Seattle Seahawks


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