Monday, August 25, 2014

True Blood Sucked Last Night #TrueBlood

Sookie finally learns to accept who she is . . . and Bill doesn't. Hoyt comes back and marries the woman who took away half his memories of life because she wasn't ready for a relationship at the time. Jason has clearly decided to repopulate the town. Sam came back, but who cares? The writers certainly don't. And everyone else? They're not dead, so that means they're OK.

I kinda wish they ended the series last season.

I think Eric and Pam are the only consistently written, well-developed characters in the whole mess. They enjoy being who/what they are, they support each other, and best of all, they were always interesting. Eric driving the yakuza's car was the best scene in the whole episode.

This whole season as a whole have been bad, I mean did any thing make sense? So many holes and the show started getting cheesy.  You got people dying left and right but then the last episode you drag out this boring ass wedding.  I have never felt asleep watching TV before. I really felt asleep last night. I had to rewind to see what I missed. I might as well just left it unseen. 

So what was the point of killing off Bill?? I mean you could have at least played it better. Have Bill wanting to connect back with his family in the after life. Something like that. That would have been a good reason.

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