Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Greatest Trey Songz Playlist Ever #TreySongz

I been a favorite since high school. When he was that gangsta looking dude that just so happen to sing. Did you not think that he was about to rap when his first video came out? 

It's great to see that after so many years his career is still going. I remember when I first started My Swag Magazine. His people was one of the first people I reached out to about doing a interview. He was on his 2th album at the time. Well, coming off the 2th one. His publicist was like "Well he going into the studio to start the next album soon. We can set something up". That one being Ready. Guess I kinda jump started the popularly of Trey? Nah. I put together a list of my favorite songs.  Or should I say songz. Jesus, that's a weak joke. Enjoy the playlist and tell me your favorites. (@JavarisIsOnMars)


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