Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri ‪#‎Ferguson

  Okay, It's about time I put a couple people in line. Get mad if you want you can find me here (@JavarisIsOnMars) I keep seeing this every time something comes up in America, Each time a black man is killed by the cops. People want to point to black on black crime. Listen really closely. I want you to read each word and get what I'm saying. Quit the bullshit. Black on black crime and being killed by a cop is not the same thing. 

Y'all old enough to know this. Stop repeating something some idiot heard from another idiot that he read off facebook. 

When a crime happens in this world, the cops find the person and lock them up. This is the case with black on black crime.So people don't need to call for justice,for the most part, cause the crime is solved. What's the point is screaming to arrest the killer, if the killer already in jail? That's like eating a cheese burger and wondering where it went.

 It's bad that black people are killing other black people. As a human, I see crime as crime and want it all to end. Not just the black on black. 

I have wrote post after post calling for peace about the subject. You know what else is bad? White on white crime and any other crime that is being done in the world. It's like some people over look the fact that white people do dirt as well. So many acts are done by each race, yet black crime is ran to the front.

 Crime is crime. No black man is killing another black man cause he black. He killing him because he is a antagonist.  This isn't something that just made for black people. We didn't have a race problems draft. In this said draft we didn't pick 'Crime'.  It's a problem for the whole human race. Crime need to stop as an whole.

 So while you calling for black people to fix thyself. You might want to make sure your house is clean too. All races commit crime. It's not a black thing at all. Black people haven't even been free long enough to be ahead in the crime count. If you really want to go there.  

The problem I have with this situation, is that a cop killed a unarmed teen. The person that was to protect the teen from crime is the one that did the killing. 

I said it once, I'll say it again. Here in America you can get fired for just about anything. Cops tho, can KILL a innocent man on camera & nothing happens. Some (not all) cops are nothing but uniformed thugs. This stay happening because the police have no respect for the civilians they serve. To most, it's no skin off their back though because considering people different from them isn't a concern.

 That's the bigger problem. The people that are here to protect you, are the ones that's killing you. Uncover your eyes and see the truth that's in front of you. 

People want to treat it as if it's a one time thing. One time is one too many. You as a cop can't go around killing as you see fit. You can't take you bad day out on the face and body of a civilian minding they own business.  

 Ferguson is on fire, people. The cops are yanking reporters out of McDonalds' and releasing them without charge, shooting tear gas and who knows what else now that darkness has fallen. What will it take for you to see the truth? How may people must die before you understand that this is out of control? 

We as humans have to stop letting this happen. White, black, yellow, green WE have to stop letting this be a thing. We have to pull together and show the cops that this is not okay. We have to hold the cops accountable for they actions.  We have to let the cops know that they will do your job the way it should be done. 

Each time a cop is let free of a crime they commit. It's like a guide to the next cop that might be about to do something wrong. Letting him know that only a paid vacation is coming.

I'm sick of people that's never been in my shoes telling me how I should feel about things. Till you been black, don't tell me how I am treated in this world. Matter fact, till you been me. Don't tell me how I have and is being treated in this word.  

I have gay friends. When they tell me how they're treated. I listen, that's it. I don't tell them they're wrong and they making things up. I will never know what it's like to be gay or a women. 

So if they have a hard time in this world. I listen and take they word. I don't question it. How can I question something I know nothing about. 

So you as a person different from another as well have to take the word of others. It's videos out there for you to see how some of us are treated in America. You just choice to nice see. Cause it's no harm to you.

I'm on the board of three charities and co-founder of a fourth. I donate each week to the Boys and Girls club and helped raise 2.5 million for Kiva. 

But to some, all they see is a nigga.  

We live in the land of the free but most of us feel like we can die from chewing gum too loud in public. 


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