Monday, August 11, 2014

#MustHave Showtime App (They Understand 2014)

Around the start of July. Showtime joined the growing list of cable channels at are bringing apps to mobile. Along with bringing it to mobile, they put it on the Xbox360.

 Showtime Anytime users will have instant access to movies, sports, documentaries and specials, as well as current and past seasons of popular series such as Homeland, Dexter, Ray Donovan and Penny Dreadful, among many others. The app allows viewers to resume programs previously watched on their computers, phones or other streaming devices and offers the “My List” feature, where users can access saved programs.

I just got around to using the app. Upon first opening it I see the words "Live TV'. I'm thinking that maybe they about to tell me what they showing today. I click and boom. It is a list of what's coming on today. Only thing, you can click on it and it shows you, just as the words say 'Live Tv'. This is ground breaking on many levels. Showtime gets it. They overstand that we want to watch tv on the go. 

No limits to it. Other apps you have to wait till it already aired. Nobody have time for that. If I'm out and I remember that House of Lies is about to come on. I can just sit down, cut on the app and watch. In the middle of Wal-Mart if I wanted too. Hell, I can. That should be the commercial for them. TV on The go. Have people watching TV at the most random places on they phone. 

No need to wait, you can download them now. In the app store below (It's free).

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