Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Like the Show Black-Ish. Some Of Y'all Need To Chill Out #Blackish

I wrote about how I was wating for this show to come out yesterday. I also posted the pilot but waited to watch it on TV. I have to say that I love the show. I won't be one of the people that's hating it for no reason. 

People like to pick things apart for no reason. You want black people on TV not acting a fool, then you pick apart the ones that give you what you want. What's the problem?  My guess is that some of the people that hate the show, never lived in the suburbans. Or been around other people that aren't black.

Cause if they have, they would get the jokes. Everybody else like myself got it. 

I remember being in school. As you know, I went to a all white school. Not counting myself. So anyway,  my teacher asked me my name. "Javaris" I say. "Oh,okay. I'mma call you Jay". She told me as she touches me on my arm.

LMAOOOOOO. I remember thinking that it was funny. Like she really didn't want to learn my name. My friends at first used to do that aswell. Calling me "JJ". I hated that lmaooo. 

That's why I think that most the people that hate the show, never lived some of the events. I been to lots of things that I really not sure was regular for black people. Cause I was the only black person that was doing it. So I get the show. Maybe some of y'all just need to chill.

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