Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bruce Levenson Said Nothing Racist At All #AtlantaHawks #NBA

 Bruce Levenson email was not racist. Just shows how shitty of a business man he is in sports ( I said in sports). Sold the Thrashers (I'm still mad) and think that the reason nobody comes to Atlanta Hawks games is because of the white people being scared of the black people. He kinda calling the other white people in the south racist. In so many words. Which most people are not. The reason older white people (the crowd he wants) doesn't come to the games is because the Hawks are hard to watch. The GM doesn't know what he is doing and the brand logo is weak....They don't want to watch somebody lose. They too old for that. Take note, that's why older people just started going to Clips games. You win, they come.... I love the Hawks and even I find it hard to watch with that blah blue and average players. Don't blame it on the people at the games. They didn't pick the players and the marketing. Face the real fact Bruce, you suck at running a team.

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