Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Jacob

  You know. I love that his birthday is on the same month as mine. I bring this up each year tho? So what, makes me happy. Would make me even more happy if he was born on the same day. Jeem should have been pushing harder. 

Anyways. My main man is getting so old. Seem like he was just 2 yesterday. I like it tho. I hate it for Princess, I want her to forever stay young. I like that he getting older cause now it opens up for things for us to do. 

Soon he will be able to drive. I will be able to also have a heart attack from his speeding. Can take him to his first Falcons game and be there for the opening of the new stadium.

Getting older he Will soon be dating girls. I will be praying he pick the right one. Will take a couple times, but he will find that one and I'll be here to guide him along the way.

We can also have his first beer together. When he becomes of age. We will also spit it out at the same time. Cause beer is nasty. How do people drink that stuff?!   


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