Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lupus Walk Atlanta 2015 Was Amazing #Lupus

 As err body (Look up above)  know, the walk was this past weekend. It was so much fun that it took me till today to recover. It's always great to see so many people out. 15,000 people out to support the fight against Lupus. It was extra special this year. Ghadir and the JJ's came. Along with her sister and Trish and Jayla. You can see the whole photo set on our Team Elite Facebook page.  While you there, like the page.

 The ladies after walking two miles today. We didn't even cheat or nothing. Even walked behind the slowest dude in the world. I mean, he makes molasses look like Usain bolt. (Take note of Jayla killer victory face)

I met them two years ago. Ran into them again at this years walk. I didn't make it last year, I bet they did.

  Try saying 500 dollars three times fast. We have not one but three members of Team Elite in the 500 club. Check out the signs they had along side the walking path for today. Way to go Letitia Tucker ( My mommy), Stan Andrews and Elizabeth Wyckoff. Next year we shooting for six.

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