Friday, May 15, 2015

Graduation Fever In The Air

  No that's not wedding bells you hear in the air. That would be the sound of everybody as they take the next step in life. Graduation. It's coming fast and it's about time to get ready.  My brother will be taking that leap this year. As he will be leaving high school and stepping into the real world. This is not a post to get emotion flowing. 

So you can put away the tissue. This is about what happens next, the after party. The party. With the food and the music and all the friends and family, Telling you about how big you have got and how they remember this and that.  Nothing makes an older person happier then telling you about when you was small. 

Anyways, I have been looking around the internet for some tablecloths. Something to make the tables fancy and gets people to take some Instagram pictures. I have found a pretty good site with great prices. Even wholesale actually.  Wholesale linens from They have so many options, this might take me awhile to pick one. Wonder which would look better with a plate of ribs on top of it. Anyways, y'all check it out while I try and pick. Now to just find a DJ.

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