Friday, July 5, 2013

Skinny Blazer For The Summer #DressLikeJavaris #Topman

Let me start off by saying that TopMan is having a sale. Pretty big one. I'm talking about 70% off, new stuff being added daily. For the meantime at least. Wanted to share one of the things I ordered. Skinny blazer,and a beanie. When I was young,  she hated when I wore beanies in the summer. Used to drive her crazy, like it was her head. I had a lot of hair, I didn't get hot. She can't stop me now. 

I like skinny blazers over big ones. They (big ones) just make you look like you can't find one that fit. Or you just hoping to grow into it, or just growing out of it. Skinny blazers make you look nice. Give them a try and check out the sale. You're Welcome. 

Topman US

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