Thursday, June 11, 2015

Down By The River Moving That Dew Shine #DewShine

They say in life that everybody needs an hobby. When I was younger, it was collecting cards. I guess I actually still do. On Madden. Smooth. Anyways. I started collecting bottles years ago. It's just something about them. As a designer I love to see creativity in it's pure form. So I love to collect bottles. Cheap and always filled with art. This is my recent pick up. Mountain Dew 'Dew Shine'. Not to be confused with 'Throwback back dew'. Which I also need to pick up next time at the store. Dew Shine takes it back to the mountains, when they used real sugar.   

Below you can find some of the "action" shots I took. I went all the way to the creek for y'all. Which is like a six minutes walk into my backyard. It seem only right. Gotta love that Georgia life. 

Update: Mountain Dew Knows what's up.

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